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(Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Addiego leaves door open for legislative return

Outgoing senator hints that she could challenge Stanfield in 2023

By Joey Fox, January 06 2022 11:32 am

State Sen. Dawn Addiego (D-Evesham), currently serving out the final days of her term after being defeated for re-election last year by Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield (R-Westampton), said today that she isn’t yet sure what her future may hold.

“I have some ideas [about what to do next],” Addiego said. “I’m hoping to stay involved, but we’ll see what the future brings.”

Asked whether she might make a comeback attempt in 2023 or beyond, Addiego said she’d leave all options on the table.

“One never knows what the future holds,” she said. “I’m certainly open to any opportunity that may present itself.”

First elected to the Assembly as a Republican in 2007, Addiego ascended to the Senate in 2010 following State Sen. Phil Haines’ move to the Superior Court. In the Senate, Addiego won thrice as a Republican before unexpectedly switching parties in early 2019, saying that being part of the Senate majority would better enable her to produce results for her constituents.

State and Burlington County Republicans were outraged, and quickly began recruiting candidates to face Addiego in 2021. Stanfield, the former longtime Burlington County Sheriff, eventually took the mantle, and narrowly defeated Addiego in November amid a Republican wave across South Jersey.

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