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Overlook Corporate Center in Little Falls is the new home of Scarinci Hollenbeck. (Photo: Overlook Corporate Center.)

Scarinci Hollenbeck headed to worker-friendly offices

By David Wildstein, August 10 2022 1:49 pm

One of the state’s most politically influential law firms is embracing a better work-life balance for their employees and moving to an office park full of amenities.

Scarinci Hollenbeck, the 60-lawyer firm run by political powerhouse Donald Scarinci, is leaving Lyndhurst for the Overlook Corporate Center in Little Falls.

“Our work-life balance committee spent considerable time searching for a space that complements our quality-of-life agenda. Our attorneys have the option to work from home,” said former Superior Court Judge Ronald Reisner, who chairs the firm’ Work-Life Balance Committee.  “However, if they chose to be in the office, we wanted it to be in a place that creates an environment for a productive day.”

The new facility includes a full-service cafeteria, fitness center, yoga studio and charging stations for electric vehicles.

“Clients are demanding both quality and value,” Scarinci said.   “Prioritizing work-life balance and using the many amenities that 150 Clove Road offers our employees creates a more pleasant and more productive workplace that will enhance the client experience that our clients have come to expect.”

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