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Sean Caddle. (Photo: Sean Caddle).

Prosecutors seek more than 12 years in prison for hitmen hired by Caddle

Caddle pitched murder-for-hire scheme at dinner in his Sussex home, prosecutors say

By David Wildstein, February 22 2023 1:46 pm

Two career criminals hired by New Jersey political consultant Sean Caddle to brutally murder a Jersey City political player in 2014 face more than a decade in prison under a sentencing recommendation made by U.S. Attorney’s office earlier this month.

Prosecutors are recommending a 150 to 180 month sentence for George Bratsenis, who was hired directly by Caddle to kill Michael Galdieri, the son of former State Sen. James Galdieri (D-Jersey City).  For Bomani Africa, who was recruited and hired by Bratsenis, his longtime accomplice, the recommended sentence is 180 to 216 months.

“(The) murder was not a fleeting crime of opportunity; it was a carefully planned premeditated attack that Bratsenis and Africa carried out for the money,” prosecutors said 

U.S. District Court Judge John Michael Vazquez is scheduled to sentence Africa tomorrow and Bratsenis on March 29. 

Caddle, who pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire plot in January 2022, remains at his Hamburg home under house arrest.  His sentencing is scheduled for March. 

“On the one hand, Bratsenis’ crimes was the most serious one a defendant can commit,” prosecutors wrote in a heavily redacted sentencing letter.  “On the other hand, Bratsenis is now 74…Given his age…and the lengthy prison sentence he invariably faces on this charge, Bratsenis poses less of a specific deterrence threat.”

Prosecutors told Vasquez that his crime was “just one more violent episode in Bratsenis’ decades-long criminal career.”

“A career that did not end until, at the age of 67, he was arrested for the armed bank robbery that ultimately led to this investigation,” the prosecutors explained.  “No amount of remorse, rehabilitation (redacted) can undo this crime or make up this loss  to the victim’s family.”

Caddle’s brother, who had been in prison with Bratsenis, introduced the two.  They met for dinner at Caddle’s home to discuss the plan.  In their letter to Vazquez, they said Caddle was aware that Bratsenis had committed a murder in 1984.

“Caddle told Bratsenis that he wanted to have someone killed and asked Bratsenis if he could find someone to commit the murder for $15,000,” prosecutors stated. 

Prosecutors identified Bratsenis and Africa as the two men whose images were captured in area surveillance footage.  

After Galdieri was stabbed to death in his Jersey City apartment, Bratsenis used a “plastic red gas can” to set a fire. 

The name of the victim, Galdieri, was redacted from the sentencing letter released today.

Bratsenis is currently serving a 96-month sentence for an armed robbery in Connecticut.  Bomani’s sentencing is still pending.  

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