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New Jersey Supreme Court Justice-designate Rachel Wainer Apter. (Photo: Edwin J. Torres/ NJ Governor’s Office.)

Murphy optimistic on Wainer Apter nomination despite long delay

By Joey Fox, October 06 2021 2:28 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy said at his twice-a-week Covid briefing that he remains bullish on Rachel Wainer Apter’s nomination to the Supreme Court, which was announced in March but has faced repeated delays since then.

“We’ve had very good discussions with our colleagues in the Senate, especially with the Senate President, and with Judiciary Chair Nick Scutari,” Murphy said. “Not only am I a huge fan and bull on [Wainer Apter], but specifically on the prospect that her process will come to a successful resolution.”

Wainer Apter, currently the head of the Division of Civil Rights, has been stuck in limbo largely because of the unwritten rule of senatorial consent, which gives state senators the ability to block gubernatorial nominees from their home county. State Sen. Holly Schepisi (R-River Vale), who represents Wainer Apter’s home of Bergen County, has thus far declined to give her consent on the nomination.

Murphy did not say whether, should Schepisi continue to block the nomination, he would vet candidates as a potential replacement option. 

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