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(Photo: Tiffany Tertipes).

Man granted absentee ballot for wife undergoing emergency surgery

By Joey Fox, November 08 2022 12:48 pm

A Burlington County man was approved for an absentee ballot today for his wife, who is undergoing emergency surgery and unable to make it to the polls.

Under normal circumstances, absentee ballot requests must be made prior to 3 p.m. on the day before Election Day. The woman in question, however, was anticipating voting in person and thus submitted no such request before unexpectedly needing surgery today.

Superior Court Judges John Harrington and James Ferrelli, recognizing the emergency circumstances of the request, granted the man the ability to get a ballot for his wife. The man will now have to travel to the county board of elections with the judge’s order in order to obtain the ballot.

“I wanted to compliment you, sir, on coming here and spending so much time on this matter,” Harrington told the man. “Most people lose their patience on most things like standing in line at K-Mart.”

Burlington County is hosting a number of competitive elections this year, including for the 3rd congressional district as well as for the sheriff’s office and a seat on the board of county commissioners.

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