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Nick Acocella, respected journalist and N.J. politics expert, dies

By David Wildstein, June 21 2020 12:07 pm

Nick Acocella, a giant on the New Jersey political arena for decades as  editor of Politifax New Jersey and as host of  a NJTV show on New Jersey politics, has died.  He was 77.

Acocella maintained an outsized presence  as a sharp observer of state politics,

In th the 1990s, Acocella began Politifax, a weekly report of New Jersey politics that started out by using a growing technology of a fax machine.  He eventually switched to email, but awed his readers with his observations and analysis.

The only thing that came close to competing with his love of New Jersey politics, especially his beloved Hudson County, was his genuine euphoria for baseball and cooking.

He later became host of Pasta & Politics, an NJN show that featured Acocella cooking while interviewing New Jersey’s political elite.

Before starting Politifax, Acocella was the New Jersey manager of News Election Services, a vote-tabulating service that would analyze election data and help news organizations call races on election night.  He later spent a decade as the national director of operations.

He has written more  than a dozen books about baseball.

“No one covering Jersey politics was more Jersey than Nick Acocella,”said Gov. Phil Murphy.  “He was that rare breed who could handicap all the important races, share his favorite pasta recipe, and analyze the Yankees’ lineup — and all within the same five-minute chat. He will be deeply missed by all of us.”

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