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In Memoriam

By David Wildstein, May 01 2020 9:09 pm

Sammy Rivera, a former mayor of Passaic, has died after lengthy health issues.  He was 73. A former police officer, won a city council seat by 11 votes in 1995, lost a race for mayor, and then won in 2001.  He served as mayor until 2007.

Dick Scott, a former mayor of Franklin (Sussex), died on April 25.  He was 84.

Anna Cheevers Kolb, a former president of the Morris Township Board of Education, died on April 13 of COVID-19.  She as 78.

Maureen Murnane, a retired educator and former member of the Caldwell College Board of Trustees, died on April 23.  Murnane was the daughter of Edward Murnane, who served as a Hudson County Freeholder in the 1930s and a Hoboken City Commissioner in the 1940s and 1950s.

Marjorie Shotyk, a former Hillsborough Zoning Department official, died on April 30.  She was 80.

Frances Ericksen, the widow of Rahway Municipal Court Judge David Paul Ericksen, died on April 28.  She was 77.

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