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Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango, left, with State Sen. Gerald Cardinale. (Photo: Jose Arango.)

Cardinale Tribute: Jose Arango

By David Wildstein, February 21 2021 2:40 pm

Hudson County Republican Chairman Jose Arango made following statement on the death of State Sen. Gerald Cardinale:

“We are saddened in Hudson County for the passing of our good friend and a great leader Senator Cardinale. One of our key people, the late Russ Maffei, was a staffer for the Senator. He was such a devoted Cardinale supporter that he was arrested during a tollbooth protest when Gerry ran for Governor in 1989 on an anti-toll platform. In the subsequent years, members of our County Party and the Senator interacted at countless events and he was always one of our favorite people to meet with. Gerry’s fighting for common-sense conservative ideas was something always sorely needed in New Jersey. We are proud to know the longest-serving Republican legislator in New Jersey and we offer condolences to Carole and his family.”

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