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Newark North Ward Councilman Anibal Ramos, Jr., center, with Stephen and Fran Adubato. (Photo: Anibal Ramos, Jr.)

Adubato Tribute: Anibal Ramos, Jr.

By David Wildstein, October 16 2020 12:40 pm

Newark North Ward Councilman Anibal Ramos, Jr.  issued the following statement on the death of Newark leader Stephen Adubato, Sr.:

“Steve and I first met on opposite sides of an election, but we developed an immediate connection. I never met anyone like him. When he committed his support he gave you 150% percent and enjoyed the politics and the community more than any leader I have met. While we had our share of disagreements, I had tremendous respect for his work and grew to appreciate his style and what he was able to accomplish. His passion was really the services and programs he was able to provide to residents of the North Ward. That’s what he really cared about. He was an icon, a mentor and more importantly, a friend.”

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