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Gov. Phil Murphy signs an executive order on gun safety at Morristown Town Hall on September 11, 2019. (Photo: Office of the Governor).

Brady Campaign issues report lauding impacts of Executive Order 83

Murphy signed order in 2019 to encourage gun safety through state procurement deals

By Joey Fox, April 20 2022 10:04 am

The national gun violence prevention group Brady released a report this morning detailing the impacts of Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 83, which directed state departments involved in firearm procurement to promote gun safety protocols among the firearm manufacturers and retailers they do business with.

After reviewing 376 pages of open records requests, the group contends that the executive order was successful at encouraging better spending of taxpayer money and more dialogue among firearm manufacturers about gun safety.

“Executive Order 83 ensures that taxpayer dollars are being used wisely on businesses committed to making New Jersey communities safer, in turn promoting gun safety by incentivizing business practices that reduce gun violence,” the group wrote in a statement.

Murphy, who campaigned in both gubernatorial cycles as a champion of gun control measures, said in the same statement that he was pleased with the findings of the report.

“Our administration has done considerable work to address gun safety over the years and make New Jersey a national leader in this area, including signing Executive Order No. 83,” Murphy said. “[Brady’s] report on the effects of New Jersey’s Executive Order No. 83 is significant as it shows through research and data just how beneficial our executive order has been.”

According to the New York Times, several other states have moved in the opposite direction as New Jersey, with Texas and Louisiana both curtailing their business with companies that they determine to be unfriendly to firearm manufacturers.

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