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Voters react to the Raritan Borough Council's swearing ban in a new NJDSC digital ad. (Photo: Youtube).

State Democrats release another f*cking digital ad

By Joey Fox, October 11 2021 10:31 am

The New Jersey State Democratic Committee (NJDSC) unveiled a new digital ad today colorfully attacking Republican gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli for supporting a ban on swearing while on the Raritan Borough Council.

Prohibiting “rude or indecent behavior,” a category which included profanity and “insulting remarks,” Raritan drew headlines when it passed the ordinance 5-0 in 1994. Now, nearly three decades later, state Democrats argue the ban shows how out-of-touch Ciattarelli is with New Jersey culture.

The ad features a number of unnamed people who respond to the swearing ban with a number of illegal-in-Raritan exclamations: “You’re sh*ttng me.” “No f*cking way.” “This is f*cking New Jersey.” “We can’t let that a**hole win.”

It ends with a simple text plea to New Jersey voters: “Let’s show Jack how New Jersey f*cking does it. Vote November 2.”

In a statement attached to the release of the ad, the NJDSC connected the swearing ban to other, more currently relevant cultural issues, insisting that Ciattarelli is behind the times in more ways than one.

“As this ridiculous ‘cursing ban’ shows, Ciattarelli’s attachment to extreme social positions is nothing new and Jack will stoop to anything to play extreme politics,” the release states.

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