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Gov. Phil Murphy emerges from a polling place in his hometown in 2018. (Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Poll workers are essential and get Covid vaccine, Murphy says

By David Wildstein, February 12 2021 7:36 pm

New Jerseyans who work at the polls on Election Day are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations as essential workers, Gov. Phil Murphy said on Friday.

“Without question, poll workers are essential workers.  Period.  This is a no brainer, black and white,” Murphy said.  “There’s no question they would be deemed to be essential workers.”

Murphy announced this week that New Jersey would return to in-person voting in April, when some municipalities hold school board and fire commissioner elections, and for May non-partisan municipal elections.

Under an executive order issued by Murphy last year, those elections were held entirely through vote-by-mail ballots.

Murphy said that the June 8 primary election would likely return to in-person voting, although he stopped short of announcing it.

In 2020, the primary and general elections were conducted primarily through mail-in ballots, with limited in-person voting utilizing paper ballots.

“I would hope that by the time April and May comes around, we are in a dramatically different and a better place as it relates to a vaccine supply,” Murphy said.

Click here for information on becoming an Election Day poll worker.

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