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Schools Development Authority CEO and State Democratic Vice Chairwoman Lizette Delgado-Polanco. Photo by Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe.

Lizette Delgado-Polanco resigns as SDA CEO

By David Wildstein, April 23 2019 3:04 pm

Lizette Delgado-Polanco has resigned as the CEO of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

“It is with a heavy heart that I leave the SDA, but I am proud of the work we have achieved together over these past months to serve our 31 SDA Districts,” Delgado-Polanco wrote in a letter to the governor’s office.  ” I made the decision to resign after much deliberation because the work of the SDA should be about delivering high- quality educational facilities for our students; politics should not be in the conversation. We need to keep the focus on providing a thorough and efficient ”

Delgado-Polanco has been under fire for making nepotistic hires since assuming the post last summer, and for hiring a number of political allies at the authority.

In her resignation letter, she pointed to her accomplishments at the EDA since taking over for Charles McKenna last year.

“During my tenure, we opened four schools in Garfield, New Brunswick, Newark and Vineland as well as broke ground on new facilities in Camden, Millville, Passaic and Pemberton among other achievements. As the SDA CEO, I was also committed to bringing diversity and inclusion to our staff and opportunities for small, minority, veteran, women-owned businesses,” Delgado-Polanco said.  “In addition, under my guidance, the SDA made a concerted effort to reach out to many community organizations, business organizations, and other stakeholders throughout 31 SDA districts.”

The former labor leader remains in her post as vice chair of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

She has steadfastly denied any wrong doing, saying that she was tying to “level the playing field” by making the SDA staff more diverse.

“I am not going to apologize here or to anyone about how I feel,” Delgado-Polanco told a meeting of the state party last month.

Lizette Delgado-Polanco
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