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Fuel Merchants starts advocacy group to discuss Murphy’s Energy Master Plan

By David Wildstein, September 09 2021 9:14 am

The Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey has launched SmartHeatNJ, an advocacy campaign aimed at educating New Jerseyans about the “costs and consequences” of the state’s Energy Master Plan.

While we all support clean energy goals, the Energy Master Plan in its current form comes at too great a cost for New Jersey families, equivalent to a $20,000 (or more) home heat tax,” said Jeanette Hoffman, a spokeswoman for SmartHeatNJ. “If we continue to follow this misguided plan in its current form, New Jerseyans will be forced to convert their homes to inefficient electric heat at a cost of $20,000 or more.  It will also strain our already fragile electric grid and lead to increased winter power outages.”

Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order in 2019 that he says will put New Jersey on a path to 100% clean energy by 2050.  Murphy’s order directs broad regulatory forms to adapt to climate change through reduced emissions and cut state greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below their 2006 levels.

Instead, Hoffman says, New Jerseyans can keep using exiting heating sources hat will be transitioning to zero-carbon solutions – like natural gas, propane and heating oil.

“Achieving the Energy Master Plan’s objective without crippling families will require a directional shift,” Hoffman said. “Without an alternative and sustainable path, New Jersey homeowners are in for dramatically increased expenses, fewer choices in how they heat and cool their homes, and a potentially dangerous strain on our electric grid.”

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