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New Jersey State Police acting Superintendent Colonel Patrick Callahan.

Campaigns not breaking COVID restrictions, Callahan says

By Nikita Biryukov, April 07 2020 3:12 pm

State authorities are not aware of any campaigns that have ignored mandates against gatherings and close contact.

“I think I would be, and I’m not,” New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan said when asked whether he knew of any compliance incidents involving political campaigns.

The strict social distancing and other mitigation measures imposed by Murphy and his administration over the last month have all but put and end to in-person campaigning.

All gatherings have been banned, though some campaigns and political organizations had suspended their events in before that restriction was put into place last month.

There’s no clear ban against canvassing and literature bombs, though it’s possible such activities would cause more harm than good for a campaign given the optics associated with door-knocking during a pandemic.

“My personal opinion is people should not be going door-to-door campaigning. Period,” Murphy said, echoing sentiments he expressed last month. “Stay at home. Pick up a telephone. Send an email. Send a text.”

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