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Steve Sweeney. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Building Trades pledge support of Sweeney for governor

Resolution pledges financial and manpower resources in 2025 Democratic gubernatorial primary

By David Wildstein, September 20 2022 12:08 pm

The New Jersey State Building Trades Council has passed a resolution urging former Senate President Steve Sweeney to continue his career in public service, “most preferably as a candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 2025, or in any other way he deems appropriate.

“The NJ State Building Trades Council, and it’s affiliated county councils and various trade unions, pledge to support his future endeavors in every way possible, including use of the full forces of our financial, promotional and manpower resources,” the resolution said.

Sweeney has been moving toward a gubernatorial bid and told a state plumber’s union convention last December that he planned to run.

As first general vice president of the Ironworkers International union, Sweeney has been a longtime member of the state building trades.

“Although Brother Sweeney was unfortunately defeated in the last election, we believe his insistence on governing in a bipartisan and judicious manner is desperate needed at this tumultuously time in our states and nation’s history to resolve complex issues and minimizing corrupting influences,” the resolution stated.

It’s still not clear if Sweeney will seek a return to his 3rd legislative district Senate seat next year.  He unexpectedly lost to Republican Edward R. Durr (R-Logan) by 2,199 votes (51.7% to 48.3%) in 2021 and he could pursue a rematch.

If Sweeney does return to the Senate – his district became slightly better for Republicans in redistricting – he would not necessarily return to the Senate Presidency.

The state building trades is an umbrella group of 28 labor unions.

The resolution praised Sweeney’s 20 years in the Senate, and his tenure as the longest-serving legislative leader in state history.

“He championed efforts to develop stable revenue sources for the Transportation Trust Fund… to upgrade the Unemployment Compensation System and establish paid leave ..to provide adequate funding for higher education construction projects….to equitably resolve our state’s budget deficit crisis… to provide tax and other incentives for businesses to locate here,” the resolution stated.

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