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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Bergen Building Trades Council endorses Murphy re-election

Sabato praises governor’s leadership during pandemic

By David Wildstein, June 22 2021 3:08 pm

In a substantial boost to his bid for a second term, Gov. Phil Murphy has won the endorsement of the politically potent Bergen County Building & Construction Trades Council.

Rick Sabato, the president of the 25,000-member council, said that Murphy “has a proven track record of being a champion for working families of Bergen County.”

“Amidst the chaos and uncertainty in the early days of the pandemic, Governor Murphy recognized the need to ensure the safety and health of our residents while at the same time understanding how important it was to support the economic development initiatives that kept our economy moving forward,” Sabato said.  “That type of thoughtful, balanced, leadership is exactly what our state needs as we emerge from this pandemic.”

An endorsement from Sabato – who makes his own decisions unrelated to the wishes of any other statewide labor group — was not automatic.

In 2019, Murphy’s opposition to a North Bergen power plant proposal created a fiery exchange between the governor and Sabato at a political event.

Now Sabato has pledged to “dedicate the recourses necessary to ensure that he is re-elected.”

“Governor Murphy’s has demonstrated the ability to lead our state through a once-in-a-lifetime health crisis and we are absolutely confident that he is the right person to lead our state’s greatest economic recovery,” said Sabato.

Murphy has already won a number of labor endorsements, including the New Jersey AFL-CIO.

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