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State Sen. Anthony M. Bucco (R-Boonton). (Photo: Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe)

To reduce lines, Bucco wants motor vehicles for extended staffing plan

Senator predicts chaos once motor vehicles re-opens to the public

By David Wildstein, May 08 2020 9:00 am

When the Motor Vehicle Commission fully reopens after the risk of spreading COVID-19 are lowered, State Sen. Anthony M. Bucco (R-Boonton) wants an enhanced staffing plan ready to meet an onslaught of New Jerseyans needing their services.

“It’s no secret the MVC is overwhelmed and understaffed on a good day, but I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue upon their reopening, particularly with social distancing and capacity limits in place,” said Bucco. “While much of the agency is at a standstill, now is the time to strategize to ensure a smooth transition back to ‘normalcy.’

Under Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order, all motor vehicles agencies, road testing and inspection facilities are closed to the public.  Murphy extended all drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and inspection stickers expiring before May 31 by two months.

“When the MVC reopens their doors, New Jersey residents deserve fully prepared and efficient local agencies, road testing, and inspection facilities across the state,” Bucco said.

The Morris County Republican has written to B. Sue Fulton, the head of the MCV, asking for an overview of her reopening plan.

“We should be considering what other states have put in place as our guide,” Bucco stated. “Hiring more staffers, transitioning more processes online and novel approaches need to be considered now in order to lessen the anticipated overwhelming need when the agencies reopen.”

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