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New Jerseyans back minimum wage hike, poll says

Average support for increase is $12.47/hour

By David Wildstein, October 12 2018 7:31 am

More than seven out of ten (74%) of New Jersey voters say the state’s minimum wage should be increased, although not necessarily to the $15-per-hour level Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders want it to go.

Less than a quarter (22%) of New Jerseyans  think the minimum wage — now at $8.60 — should stay the same.  2% want it decreased.

According to the poll, the average response for where New Jerseyans want the minimum wage is $12.47-per-hour.

Democrats want it just slightly higher — $13.01 — while Republicans are at $11.09 and Independents average a preference at $12.25.  

67% of voters still think the minimum wage should increase, even if it means employers raising prices.

“Although the governor and public are in agreement that $8.60 is too little as an hourly wage, there’s about $2.50 worth of daylight between them when it comes to how much that increase should be. Policymakers will need to do a better job explaining why $15 is the magic number when it exceeds what many across the state believe is a more reasonable wage for those making the least allowed by law,” said Krista Jenkins, professor of politics and director of the poll. 

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