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Matt Mowers, right, and former Gov. Chris Christie in New Hampshire. (Photo: Matt Mowers).

CLF mailers supporting Mowers use photos from Bridgegate hearing

Mailers don’t mention Bridgegate, call Mowers a ‘conservative fighter’

By Joey Fox, August 31 2022 5:16 pm

When former Chris Christie aide Matt Mowers testified before the Legislative Select Committee on Investigation in 2014 as part of the Bridgegate probe, he probably did not consider it a highlight of his political career. But mailers sent by the Kevin McCarthy-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) use photos from the 2014 hearing to boost Mowers in his New Hampshire congressional primary.

Mowers worked on both of Christie’s gubernatorial campaigns and held a role in the governor’s first term administration, before moving to New Hampshire in 2013 to become executive director of the state Republican Party. Six months later, when hearings were held on the now-infamous closure of a lane leading to the George Washington Bridge, Mowers was subpoenaed to testify, though he was never implicated in any wrongdoing.

In 2016, after he had run Christie’s presidential campaign in New Jersey and while working on Donald Trump’s general election campaign, Mowers testified in federal court at the trial of two former Christie administration officials as a government witness.

The CLF mailers use photos from that hearing, but they don’t provide any context, simply treating them as generic images of Mowers.

The text of the mailers includes relatively boilerplate Republican talking points, calling Mowers a “conservative fighter” who will fight for lower spending and more law enforcement funding. Mowers has received $150,000 in assistance from the CLF, though the mailers likely only account for some of that total.

Mowers, who previously ran for the same 1st district seat in 2020 but lost to Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas (D-N.H.), faces a seemingly competitive September 13 primary in his bid for a rematch. Though McCarthy is backing Mowers, former Trump aide Karoline Leavitt has an endorsement from House Republican Caucus Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) and has run narrowly behind Mowers in recent polls.

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