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Andy Baglivo, former political reporter, Cahill aide, dies

Spent 22 years at Newark Evening News

By David Wildstein, December 14 2018 2:31 pm

Angelo “Andy” Baglivo, who spent 22 years as a political reporter for the Newark Evening News before joining the administration of Gov. William Cahill as a public information officer in 1972, has died.  He was 91.

Baglivo accepted the Cahill post just as his newspaper was shutting down.  He helped coordinate messaging of different departments and agencies, a new post at the time.  He also wrote speeches for the governor.

Following Cahill’s unsuccessful bid for re-election to a second term, Baglivo started a public relations firm. He later served as a spokesman for the New Jersey Lottery during the Kean administration, and for the New Brunswick Development Corporation.

Baglivo served as president of the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club in 1967.

In 1978, Baglivo wrote “A Celebration of People: The Bicentennial in New Jersey.

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