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George Norcross. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Activists want George Norcross to resign

Norcross-linked firms at center of tax incentive scandal

By Nikita Biryukov, October 10 2019 9:21 am

A group of activists who have long opposed George Norcross will call for the powerbroker to resign from his post at Cooper University Health System Thursday.

Cooper continues to be a central point in a tax incentives lawsuit targeting four different states.

Most recently, Norcross has come under fire for allegedly pushing out the leader of a Camden non-profit to collect all the praise that followed.

Cooper and Norcross have retained Abbe Lowell, a nationally-recognized defense attorney specializing in corruption cases.

Last week, reports said federal authorities were looking at Norcross-linked firms in connection to the tax incentive scandals.

The activists will hold a press conference at 3 Cooper Plaza at 11:30 a.m.


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3 thoughts on “Activists want George Norcross to resign

  1. These people need to get a life!! There would be no Cooper( the way it is today) without the leadership of George Norcross. I for one am getting real tired of hearing disparaging remarks about a man that has dedicated a huge part of his life to not only Cooper, but the revitalization of the city of Camden, George knows how to play bare knuckles if it is called for. That is why we have the number one Cancer Center in America right in our back yard. George please keep it up because these naysayers obviously know nothing about the kind of man you are! Thanks for all you do for South Jersey!!!!! Mike Milam

    1. Norcross is a crook, con man and criminal who stole billions from the poorest city in America.
      He is an embarrassment to the world. Everybody knows he is greedy, arrogant and selfish.

      His days are numbered.

  2. Michael Milam should be investigated with his dictator boss. Milams has brown doo doo on his nose. It’s so deeply up Norcross’s bootega

    The world already knows that George Norcross is under a serious investigation

    Sealed indictments. It’s going to be the biggest corrupt case in American history. .

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