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Senate Minority Leader Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.)

Super PAC books $1.5 million in N.Y. television ads to help Kean

Congressional Leadership Fund is the House GOP super PAC

By David Wildstein, April 15 2020 9:07 am

The Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC run by the House Republican leadership, has booked $1.5 million on New York television for TV ads to boost their chances of picking up a seat in New Jersey’s 7th district.

Republicans think that freshman Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) represents their best shot at flipping a seat in New Jersey. Their candidate is Thomas Kean, Jr., the State Senate minority leader and the son of a popular former governor.

Democrats picked up the 7th and four other New Jersey GOP congressional seats over the last two general elections.

The 7th was part of a $43 million ad reservation nationally that does not specifically include the 3rd, 5th and 11th districts.

By reserving TV spots early, the super PAC can lock in the lowest possible ad rates.  These numbers are often jiggled around as the election approaches.

“House Democrats are panicked about losing their majority and this is the first step towards making that a reality,” said Dan Conston, the CLF president. “The hard work we’ve put in has shattered all previous fundraising records and allowed us to begin reserving time earlier than ever before. The investment we’re making today is just the first of multiple offense-focused advertising reserves to ensure Nancy Pelosi’s days as Speaker are numbered.”

Malinowski, who ousted five-term Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton Township) in 2018 by a 52%-47% margin, has raised nearly $3.2 million for his re-election campaign and has almost $2.7 million in his warchest.  Kean had raised more than $1.7 million and has $1.1 million in the bank.

As a first-time candidate, Malinowski raised nearly $6.3 million – more than double what Lance raised.  Those totals do not include independent expenditures made for or against either candidate, or spending made by candidates’ political action committees.

Voter registration in New Jersey’s 7th district has now flipped to a Democratic majority.   As of last month, the 7th had 382 more Democrats than Republicans.  When it was drawn in 2012, the 7th had 29,997 more Republicans than Democrats. On General Election Day 2018, the GOP registration edge had shrunk to 6,709.

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