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Christine Conforti.

Progressives file suit seeking to eliminate party line

By Nikita Biryukov, July 06 2020 5:22 pm

A House candidates filed a federal lawsuit seeking to eliminate party lines on New Jersey’s primary ballots Monday.

Christine Conforti, who is running in the fourth congressional district, filed the suit with funding provided by the New Jersey Progressive Legal Defense Fund.

“New Jersey’s primary election ballots have become weaponized, and they’ve been used to give a ballot advantage to certain favored candidates over others,” said Brett Pugach, one of the attorneys arguing the suit.

Progressives have long sought to eliminate the party line, which gives candidates with organizational support a preferential position on the ballot.

Monday’s suit argues the line is unconstitutional because it hampers candidates’ right to free speech and their right to association, among others.

“New Jersey’s primary election ballots are unlike any other in the country. They are flawed, confusing, and undemocratic. They fail to treat candidates who are running for the same office equally, and are designed to benefit certain candidates at the expense of others,” Pugach said.

Previous suits aiming to invalidate the line have proven unsuccessful.

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