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Matt Mowers, right, and former Gov. Chris Christie in New Hampshire. (Photo: Matt Mowers).

Palatucci’s opposition to RNC Cheney censure now an issue in New Hampshire GOP primary

A former Trump White House staffer running in NH-1 wants New Jersey’s Matt Mowers to return contributions from Palatucci, other anti-Trump Republicans

By David Wildstein, February 07 2022 10:45 am

The Republican National Committeeman from New Jersey has become an issue in a hotly-contested congressional primary in New Hampshire’s 1st district, where two former Trump administration officials and others are battling for the chance to take on two-term Rep. Chris Pappas in the mid-term elections.

Bill Palatucci was one of just a handful of Republican National Committee members who voted against a resolution censuring Rep. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) on Friday for their involvement in an investigation of the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Now former White House Deputy Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt wants Matt Mowers, a New Jersey native, to return a $1,000 contribution he received from Palatucci and others are no longer supporting former President

“Matt Mowers should return every contribution from anyone who does not support President Trump and the America First movement, and then try running in the state that he’s actually from,” said Chris D’Anna, a spokesman for Leavitt.

Mowers has seen his old home state come through for him as he raises money for what he hopes to be a rematch with Pappas.  New Jerseyans sent $182,319 to his 2020 campaign and he has brought in $81,593 from New Jersey donors in 2021, including $11,600 from former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his wife and his check from Palatucci.

Palatucci is one of former Christie’s closest friends – it was Christie who put on the RNC nearly twelve years ago – and he served as general counsel to President Donald Trump’s transition team before being fired, along with Christie, two days after the election.

Palatucci was a Trump cheerleader in New Jersey and elsewhere until Christie broke with the former president after the 2020 election

Before moving to New Hampshire in late 2013 to become executive director of the state party, Mowers was a teen political phenom in New Jersey, working on various campaigns, including two for Christie, and as an aide to Christie when he was governor.

“Given that Matt Mowers has hosted more events and raised more money in his home state of New Jersey than New Hampshire, it’s great to see his hometown paper is picking up its coverage of his campaign,” D’Anna said.  “Mowers’ imploding campaign has been fueled by the anti-Trump movement, including Chris Christie and high-profile donors who support Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.”

The censure vote came as the Republican National Committee said the attack on the Capitol and the events that led to it were “legitimate political discourse and that the two GOP House members “engaged in actions in their positions as members of the January 6th Select Committee not befitting Republican Members of Congress.”

“We need more conservative fighters in the Republican Party and ZERO Republicans like Liz Cheney,” New Hampshire State Rep. Tim Baxter, a candidate in the NH-1 House primary. “I’m proud to be the only candidate running for Congress with a proven track record of fighting for the America First Agenda.”

But Mowers has some cover.  One of his top supporters is Citizens United president David Bossie, the Republican National Committeeman from Maryland and an early backer of Mowers for Congress.  Bossie was a sponsor of the the censure resolution.

“No one worked harder in 2016 to elect President Trump and support his America First agenda than (Mowers),” Bossie said on Twitter last year. “Matt Mowers is a principled conservative that will fight the radical socialist agenda.”

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