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Rep. Tom MacArthur, left, and his Democratic challenger, former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim

Official CD3 votes tallies may not arrive until Thursday

By Nikita Biryukov, November 14 2018 11:11 am

Final vote tallies for the third congressional district, where Andy Kim leads Rep. Tom MacArthur by 3,424 votes, might not come out until Thursday.

“They’re hoping by the end of today they will have the provisionals counted. I’m thinking it’s more likely tomorrow morning,” said Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella said of his county’s Board of Elections. “But whenever they get that count, they’ll notify us and we will update our website accordingly. We should then be done, in Ocean County anyway.”

There are roughly 7,000 uncounted provisional ballots remaining in the race, and they could swing the race even if geography makes that prospect unlikely.

In Ocean County, there are 2,404 provisional ballots. Not all of those will be countable, as some of those ballots will likely be invalidated by the county’s superintendent of elections, and that’s where MacArthur is expected to cut into Kim’s lead.

The remainder of the ballots — 4,571 of them — are in Burlington County, where Kim has so far taken 59% of the vote.

That math doesn’t look great for MacArthur, especially given the fact that a majority of the provisional ballots in Ocean County come from towns like Brick, where the two-term congressmen is expected to win by roughly 20 points.

That’s a sizeable margin, but it won’t be enough to bridge the gap unless Burlington’s provisional ballots swing in the same direction.

Race watchers will likely have enough information to call the contest once the first of the two counties returns its official results.

Kim wasn’t inclined to wait that long. He declared victory seven days ago, after Burlington County’s count of mail-in ballots received by election day put him ahead by more than 2,000 votes.

It’ll soon be clear if that declaration holds up.

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