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East Amwell Township Committeeman Rick Wolfe. (Screen Shot: New Jersey Globe via YouTube).

New ad features ex-Kean backer supporting Malinowski

Rick Wolfe was founder of Moderate Party

By David Wildstein, October 27 2022 2:15 pm

A new TV ad for Rep. Tom Malinowski’s re-election campaign in New Jersey’s 7th district, features the endorsement of a Republican local elected official.

The ad features Rick Wolfe, an East Amwell township committeeman and former mayor, who says  he is backing Malinowski for Congress because he thinks Republican Tom Kean, Jr. “delivers empty promises.” 

Script: (Rick Wolfe) “I’m a loyal Republican. Our friends are all Republicans. In the last campaign as a Republican mayor, I supported Tom Kean, Jr. I got to know Tom Kean, Jr. very well in that campaign.  Tom Kean, Jr. delivers empty promises.  I want my municipality to be represented by someone who delivers results. And that’s Tom Malinowski.  My wife and I are supporting Tom Malinowski in 2022, because it’s the right thing to do.”

While Wolfe says he is a “loyal Republican,” it’s not completely clear which party he belongs to.  Wolfe is the founder of the Moderate Party, which sought to challenge New Jersey’s ban on fusion voting and allow Malinowski’s name to appear on the twice  ballot as the candidate of the two parties.  Since New Jersey does not permit voters to be affiliated with more than one political party, he can be either a Republican or a Moderate — unless the Moderate Party is not really a party.

So far, the only donor to the Moderate Party independent fund is the Democratic-allied House Majority PAC, which gave the group $500,000.

“Many Republican and Independent voters are fed up with the MAGA extremists to whom Tom Kean Jr. has pledged his support,” Malinowski stated“I’m proud to have built a campaign that unites New Jerseyans of all parties who want to see moderation and respect for democratic institutions in Washington, and will continue working to earn their trust.”

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