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Matt Mowers, right, and former Gov. Chris Christie in New Hampshire. (Photo: Matt Mowers).

Mowers voted in New Hampshire and New Jersey in 2016, report says

Ex-Christie aide is running for Congress in New Hampshire

By David Wildstein, April 05 2022 10:13 am

Matt Mowers got a do-over vote in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, according to an Associated Press report in New Hampshire, where the New Jersey native is running for Congress.

Mowers registered to vote in New Hampshire after moving there to run New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign for the presidency in the first-in-the-nation primary.  He cast his ballot in the February 9 primary, the AP said.

After Christie lost the primary – he finished sixth with 7.4% of the vote – Mowers restored his New Jersey residency and registered to vote using his parents’ home in East Brunswick, according to the AP.

That gave Mowers a second chance in the GOP presidential race – his own form of ranked-choice voting – in the June 7 Republican primary.

Donald Trump secured the nomination on May 26 and Mowers voted in New Jersey twelve days later.

The Associated Press says Mowers may have violated a federal law that prohibits “voting more than once” in “any general, special, or primary election.”

New Jersey does not bar newly-registered voters from participating in the June primary as long as they register 21 days before the election.

“The Republican Party is the party of election integrity, and we cannot nominate someone who has engaged in voter fraud and expect to be taken seriously on the topic,” said Gail Huff Brown, a former TV news anchor and the wife of former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, who is challenging Mowers in the GOP primary.  “We can do better.”

Mowers worked at the Westfield office of Mercury, a public affairs firm that was run at the time by Christie advisor Mike DuHaime, from April until July, when he left to become battleground states director and national field coordinator for the Trump campaign.  DuHaime left Mercury last year.

After the election, Mowers moved to Washington to join the Trump administration.

He returned to New Hampshire in 2020 to challenge freshman Rep. Christopher Pappas, but lost by a 51%-46% margin.  He is a leading candidate for the GOP nomination to take on Pappas again this year.

New Jersey has been a top source of funds for Mowers’ congressional campaign.

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