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An obstetrician speaks in a TV ad opposing Republican Tom Kean in New Jersey's 7th district. (Image: House Majority PAC).

House Majority PAC has new TV ad bashing Kean on abortion

By David Wildstein, October 21 2022 3:38 pm

A political action committee allied with the House Democratic leadership is up on the air with a new TV ad accusing Republican Tom Kean, Jr. of opposing a woman’s right to choose.

The House Majority PAC ad, “Career,” uses an obstetrician dressed in scrubs to chastise Kean as a career politician who has opposed abortion rights during his time in the New Jersey Legislature.

Script: “I’ve spent 32 years helping pregnant women through their happiest moments and their most difficult, while Tom Kean Jr spent his career in Trenton voting to take away abortion rights and reproductive health care.  Kean says he’s fighting every step of the way against the women’s right to make her own medical decisions.  And he said he supports banning abortion even in New Jersey.  That’s dangerous.  And that’s why Kean should never be in Congress.  House Majority PAC is responsible for the content of this ad.”

The House Majority PAC has spent about $1.25 million in a bid to help Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) keep his seat.  They are spending about $183,000 weekly on TV ads and have roughly $160,000 scheduled for  the week of November 1 and another $22,000 on Election Day.

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