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Jack Allard, left, with his mother, Genny Allard, the subjects of a new ad from Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

Gottheimer launches second ad focusing on constituent services

Ad highlights Jack Allard’s bout with COVID-19

By Nikita Biryukov, September 29 2020 5:54 pm

Rep. Josh Gottheimer launched his second general election ad, keeping his messaging focused on constituent services.

The 60-second spot, titled “Jack,” features testimony from Jack Allard and his mother, Genny Allard, praising Gottheimer for his role in getting Remdesivir, an anti-viral subject to a Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for treating COVID-19.

The ad shows the Allards, who are Ridgewood residents, sitting on a stoop recounting Jack Allard’s experience with the virus, a saga that saw him placed under a medically induced coma. At times, the ad cuts away to news television news reports about Allard’s fight with COVID-19 and to stills of Gottheimer at work.

The ad will run on cable networks throughout the fifth distract. Gottheimer’s campaign declined to say how much it spent on the buy.

Allard gained some fame when a New York television news anchor incorrectly pronounced him dead, and the former All-American lacrosse player got a shout out during one of Gov. Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 briefings.

Gottheimer faces a challenge from former investment banker Frank Pallotta in his bid for a third term in congress.


JACK ALLARD: I remember being brought to the ICU and a couple of doctors kind of rushed in and said ‘hey, we’re putting you into a medically induced.’ It was life-threatening COVID-19.

GENNY ALLARD: We were stuck in regulatory limbo and we could not get the medicine for Jack that was gonna save his life, and I thought I was going to lose my son.

NARRATOR: Josh Gottheimer heard about the Allard family’s plight and tirelessly went to work, tirelessly taking on the drug company and government bureaucracy to get jack the medicine he needed to beat COVID and live.

GENNY ALLARD: Josh would call me late at night. I think he was as devastated and scared as we were when things were not going fast enough, and he fought and fought and fought for Jack.

GOTTHEIMER: I was walking slowly out of the hospital. I just saw my two parents at the end and I was just very happy to be alive.

GENNY ALLARD: I have never felt such total and complete relief and joy just to have him back.

JACK ALLARD: He didn’t have to do as much as he did. He really took it personally that we needed to get me the medicine, and I owe my life to him for that.

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