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U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan

Flanagan says she’ll visit U.S.-Mexico border

Republican Senate candidate accuses Booker of ‘putting illegal aliens before law abiding Americans’

By David Wildstein, July 08 2019 1:00 pm

One of the Republicans seeking to challenge Cory Booker for U.S. Senate next year will travel to New Mexico to tour the border between the United States and Mexico.

Tricia Flanagan’s trip follows one made by Booker to Texas last week.

Flanagan criticized Booker for “putting illegal aliens before law abiding Americans” after the Democratic presidential candidate walked across the border with five women who had previously been sent back to Mexico.

“Mr. Booker found it necessary to do what he could to get folks to feel empathy by telling their sad stories, stories no one knows are true as their stories have not been investigated by authorities.” Flanagan said, “If Mr. Booker truly cared about the border he would have driven 150 miles west and met with ranchers whom I’ll be visiting at the end of the summer and heard from a 30 year old woman how she and her parents all carry guns because they have to thanks to illegal alien drug mules moving contraband across their property.”

Booker has not yet announced if he will seek re-election to the Senate next year.  New Jersey passed a law last year to allow Booker to run simultaneously for president or vice president and the U.S. Senate.

So far, only Flanagan and Hirsh Singh have entered the race to challenge Booker for Senate.  Both have run unsuccessfully for statewide office before.

Flanagan ran as an independent for Senate in 2018, finishing sixth in a field of seven candidates with one-half of one-percent of the vote.

Singh won nearly 10% of the vote in the 2017 Republican gubernatorial primary.  He briefly challenged Bob Hugin in the 2018 U.S. Senate primary, and then ran for Congress in the 2nd district but lost the primary by a 39%-31% margin against Seth Grossman.

“Unlike Mr. Booker, I care. I care that Americans are forced to live in fear because of the dangerous rhetoric spewed by Cory Booker and other Democrats on the issue of our southern border,” Flanagan said. “Because I care I have accepted an invitation to visit the border. At the end of summer, I will travel there with my campaign manager and our own film crew so New Jerseyans have the opportunity to learn how Cory Booker’s misguided ideas about immigration hurt hardworking Americans.”

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