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Ex-councilman reminds voters of Lonegan slur allegations

References 2006 incident in endorsement of McCann

By David Wildstein, April 11 2018 3:52 pm

Former Bogota Councilman George Silos, who has accused Steve Lonegan of calling him a “fundamentalist faggot piece of shit” in 2006, has endorsed a different candidate in the race for the Republican nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th district.

Silos, a Republican, said in a Facebook post that he was supporting John McCann, Lonegan’s opponent in the race to take on freshman Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff).

He alleges that on May 17, 2006, Lonegan, then the mayor of Bogota, yelled at him during a meeting at the local recreation center – and that :children on their way to the rest room facilities” heard him.   The incident later wound up as part of litigation.

“Like most people I believe we should be respectful of our neighbor’s religious beliefs and lifestyles and avoid using rude language,” Silos said, noting that his daughter used to work for Rep. Scott Garrett.

The Lonegan campaign responded to Silos’ story.

“This just proves what we’ve said all along, that John McCann is a dummy candidate put in the race by Democrats, supported by Democrats, and probably funded by Democrats,” said Lonegan’s campaign manager, Mike Proto.

Editor’s Note: An original version of this story failed twice to indicate Silos’ correct party affiliation.  Proto’s comments were also added.

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4 thoughts on “Ex-councilman reminds voters of Lonegan slur allegations

      1. I was a Republican at the time of the incident. I am a registered Republican now. Check the voting rolls. I don’t think Republicans would let a Democratic Councilman go to there Bogota Republican Club in May of 2006. I have been working the polls in Bogota as a Republican challenger every Election Day since 2014. I didn’t see Steve Lonegan helping Bogota Republicans at the polls in Election Day the past 4 years. I have made campaign contributions to Bogota Republicans for the past 4 years. Can Lonegan say the same? They are either lying or messing up if they say I wasn’t then and am not now a registered Republican.

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