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Republican congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi. (Photo: Facebook.)

Ex-consultant files FEC complaint against Becchi

Fundraiser alleges Becchi stiffed her on $6,185 invoice, then never reported debt

By David Wildstein, November 23 2020 10:41 am

A prominent political fundraiser has filed a complaint against Republican congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi alleging that Becchi owes her $6,185 from a May unpaid invoice.

Jamie Montgomery Consulting told the Federal Election Commission on October 29 that Becchi had hired them in July 2019 to raise money for her campaign, according to a letter obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

“This invoice remains unpaid despite numerous attempts both verbally and in writing to rectify the outstanding invoice,” wrote Jamie Montgomery, the firm’s principal.

The complaint alleges that Becchi has not filed the debt on reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

“This debt has not been forgiven nor paid, therefore it should be listed as outstanding debt on the report filings by this committee,” Montgomery told the FEC.  “There has been no attempt to resolve the outstanding obligation… it has simply been ignored.”

Federal law requires candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives to disclose campaign debts on their FEC filings.

Becchi’s most recent report, filed on October 22, showed $376,593 in debt after raising 1,323,597 for her bid to unseat Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) in New Jersey’s 11th district.  The candidate owes herself $226,840 in loans she made to her own campaign.

Audrey Lane, a Mountain Lakes councilwoman who served as Becchi’s campaign manager, was owed $10,000 as of last month, records show.

As of the last report, Becchi owed $28,672 to a Washington law firm helping her campaign, and over $44,000 to political consulting firms.

Sherrill defeated Becchi by 29,150 votes in the November 3 general election, 53.3% to 46.7%.

Last week, Becchi sent a detailed report alleging to the U.S. Attorney alleging misconduct by Essex County election officials.

The former U.S. Senate Finance Committee tax counsel did not file for a recount before Friday’s deadline and has not conceded defeat to Sherrill.

“One of the first things kids learn in little leagues across the nation is to shake hands with your opponent, win or lose. It’s a basic lesson that Rosemary Becchi has yet to learn,” Sherrill campaign manager Elizabeth Davis said last week.  “Unfortunately, this isn’t little league. It’s a federally elected office in our democracy. Ms. Becchi’s spurious allegations are a publicity stunt meant to erode faith in our democracy and attack our election system. It’s a blatant disregard for the people of this district who spoke and overwhelmingly decided they did not want Rosemary Becchi to represent them in Congress.”

Editor’s note: Lane responded to a request for comment at 5:11 PM and acknowledged that there was  a dispute over the invoice.

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