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Democrats ask top court to dismiss GOP challenge to congressional redistricting

By David Wildstein, January 14 2022 7:40 pm

Democratic members of the Congressional Redistricting Commission today asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to dismiss a Republican challenge to a map approved last month redrawing the state’s 12 House districts, calling the challenge “political motivated.”

Republicans have asked the court to either invalidate the map or remand it back to the commission after the tiebreaker, former Supreme Court Justice John E. Wallace, Jr. initially said that he chose the he “decided to vote for the Democratic map simply because the last redistricting map was drawn by the Republicans.”

The court ordered Wallace to “amplify” his reasons, which he did earlier this week.

“Chairman Wallace’s amplification statement explained that the map presented by the Democratic Commissioners beat the Republican map in every objective and subjective category, making the foundational arguments behind the Republicans’ lawsuit completely invalid and moot.,” said Janice Fuller, the Democratic commission chair.

Wallace, using his lifeline, said that he felt the Democratic map was more competitive and that they made a better presentation.  Republicans have disputed that.

“While we expect that the Republicans will continue making increasingly wild accusations, we are confident that this matter will conclude with a rejection of their attempts to politicize the process through dismissal of their lawsuit,” Fuller said.

The Supreme Court ordered both parties to submit their briefs within the next week.

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