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U.S. Senator Cory Booker. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe,

Booker Senate account down to $104k

NJ Senator transferred $2.7 million to presidential account

By David Wildstein, April 15 2019 11:58 pm

Cory Booker, focused on raising money for his presidential campaign, brought in just $184,158 for his U.S. Senate re-election bid in New Jersey.

Booker has just $104,289 in his Senate account after transferring $2,725,000 to Cory 2020, his presidential account and refunding $1,047,184 to donors so they could contribute directly to the presidential campaign.  

A new law passed in 2018 allows Booker to run simultaneously for president and for U.S. Senate, if he wants.   He has until the primary election filing deadline in April 2020 to decide.

Booker is in good shape for re-election: New Jersey hasn’t elected a Republican to the United States Senate since 1972.  Only Hawaii has gone longer.

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