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Democratic State Chairman LeRoy Jones Jr. at a special election convention for the 28th district on September 9, 2022. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

State Democrats decry race-baiting mailers sent by Stephen Miller-founded group

Mailers claim Democrats are engaged in anti-white and anti-Asian racism

By Joey Fox, November 03 2022 10:46 am

After an organization founded by far-right former Trump advisor Stephen Miller sent out race-baiting mailers to New Jersey voters, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) released a statement today calling on Republicans to disavow Miller and his tactics.

“There is no place in New Jersey for Stephen Miller’s racist, white nationalist agenda and every Republican who doesn’t want to be associated with Miller and his group should join us in disavowing this filth and standing against racism in any form,” NJDSC Chairman LeRoy Jones said. “New Jersey will not allow an extreme right wing agenda to advance in our state, and we will always stand up against racists and white nationalists like Stephen Miller.”

The mailers, which are part of a broader ad blitz by Miller’s group America First Legal, claim Democrats are intent on giving unfair advantages to Black and Latino people while excluding whites and Asians.

“Joe Biden and left-wing officials are engaged in racial discrimination against white and Asian Americans…even though it’s against the law,” the mailer reads. “Biden and the left want to decide who gets hired – and who gets fired – according to their skin color.”

Similar to the various other ads America First Legal is running, the mailers don’t have any direct electoral appeal, and they don’t seem to be targeted at a particular election, either; Twitter users who said they received the mailer hailed from a variety of different states and congressional districts. 

The point of the mailers, which include a link to America First Legal’s website, instead seems to be to sow discord and distrust of the Democratic Party more generally, something that Jones condemned in his statement today.

“While Republicans want to tear us apart for their own political gain, Democrats are fighting to help working families of all races and backgrounds thrive by pursuing an agenda that will build the middle class,” he said.

Separately, Jones also commented on an incident in Bethlehem Township, where an unopposed candidate for school board wore a costume that mocked the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The candidate, Tom Gregor, wore a shirt emblazoned with “Where is Nancy?” – the words the attacker allegedly shouted during the assault.

“The criminal attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband is another tragic example of the damaging effects that right wing extremism are having on our society,” Jones said. “It is sickening to see a candidate for Board of Education celebrate this vicious act.”

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