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Former New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Joey Rullo

Rullo drops out of gubernatorial race

By David Wildstein, March 26 2021 7:39 pm

Joseph Rudy Rullo has dropped his bid for the Republican nomination for governor and has endorsed perennial candidate Hirsh Singh to take on incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy in the fall.

“We have to all get behind one candidate who can beat Governor Murphy.  The establishment rigged the conventions for a Never Trumper who is considered a RINO to political outsiders and grassroots Republicans,” Rullo said.  “The insider establishment apparatus chose Jack Ciattarelli early on without regard to the consequences that most Trump supporters and conservatives will not support Jack Ciattarelli.”

Ciattarelli, a former assemblyman, became the presumptive GOP gubernatorial nominee in January after Doug Steinhardt withdrew from the race.

Rev. Phil Rizzo and former Franklin Mayor and Somerset County Freeholder Brian D. Levine are also seeking to take on Murphy.

Rizzo is on the ballot at tonight’s Morris County GOP convention, but Singh and Levine did not file.

Singh is making his fifth bid for public office since 2017.

“Hirsh Singh hasn’t stopped working for the last four years and is the only candidate who can beat Phil Murphy while at the same satisfy the base being a proven Trump supporting conservative,” said Rullo, who worked on Singh’s unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate in 2020.

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