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Lisa McCormick, left, and Jim Devine. (Photo: Facebook).

McCormick, Devine face more legal issues after Judge orders court appearance next week

Shadowy perennial candidate also faces prosecution for municipal code violations

By David Wildstein, May 26 2021 11:13 am

Superior Court Judge Michael O’Neill has ordered shadowy perennial candidate Lisa McCormick and her controversial life partner, James Devine, to appear in court next week as their landlord seeks to evict the Covid squatters from rooms they had been renting in her home.

McCormick and Devine owe the landlord, a West Amwell woman, $14,903 in back rent after not paying anything for nearly a year.

The landlord, whose name is being withheld by the New Jersey Globe to protect her privacy, has alleged that Devine harassed her and made her feel unsafe in her home.  She had terminated the lease in May 2021, but McCormick and Devine have allegedly ignored her.

Devine and McCormick are also accused of keeping the premises “in an unsanitary manner causing an infestation of insects and rodents, causing a gas leak, and spreading baby powder on the floor, court records show.

Court records detail 29 separate police reports involving issues related to McCormick and Devine.

McCormick, whose bid for the Democratic nomination for governor ended in April when an administrative law judge found her nominating petitions to be entirely fraudulent and threw her off the ballot.

In another lawsuit involving McCormick and Devine, O’Neill denied an injunction that would have forced West Amwell Township to issue permits that would allow then to legally occupy a trailer home they purchased in 2019.

McCormick claimed residency at the trailer home at 118 Skillman Street on her nominating petitions for Congress in 2020 and Governor in 2021.

The trailer was placed on the property in 1999 after the original house was destroyed by fire and a certificate of occupancy was never issues.

According to the lawsuit, Devine acknowledged in public filings that the septic system needed to be replaced and that power could not be turned on without certain repairs.

West Amwell has filed a series of summons for code violations against McCormick and Devine.

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