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Kanye West. Photo by Phil Romans.

Kanye West files to get on the ballot for president in N.J.

By David Wildstein, July 28 2020 1:51 pm

Kanye West has filed to run as an independent presidential candidate in New Jersey.

The entertainer and entrepreneur filed with 1,327 signatures, 527 more than the 800 required under New Jersey election law.

West did not include the name of a running mate.

He is one of seven independent candidates who filed.

A New Jersey resident, Gloria Estrela La Riva of Harrison, filed 1,589 signatures to run as the Socialism and Liberation candidate.  She has designated Leonard Peltier as her running mate.

Also filing as independent presidential candidates: Rocky De La Fuente (Alliance Party); Don Blankenship (Constitution Party); Howie Hawkins (Green Party); Jo Jorgenson (Libertarian Party); and Bill Hammons (Unity Party).

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