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Cumberland County Freeholder Carol Musso, right, with former Freeholder Joseph Riley. Photo: Facebook.

Just 16 votes separate Pearson and Cooper in Cumberland Dem freeholder primary

Incumbents Musso, Castellini still comfortably ahead

By David Wildstein, July 09 2020 7:25 pm

Just 17 votes off-the-line candidate Donna Pearson and organization choice Bruce Cooper in the Democratic primary for Cumberland County freeholder after more vote-by-mail ballots were counted on Thursday.

Provisional ballots cast on Election Day have not yet been counted and there are about 4,000 Democratic votes still not counted as ballots still keep coming in.

Incumbents Carol Musso (5,147) and George Castellini (4,344) have been consistently ahead for the first two seats, but the battle between Pearson (4,163) and Cooper (4,146) has gone back-and-forth since the first results were released on Tuesday night.

Yesterday, Millville Commissioner Bruce Cooper, who is running on the organization line with two incumbents, has now taken a narrow  20-vote lead against Donna Pearson, a former freeholder  who was running off-the-line.

Cumberland County Democrats picked Cooper after dropping Freeholder Jack Surrency from the ticket.

Surrency, running with Pearson and Tracey Wells-Huggins, is running last with 3,386 votes.
Wells-Huggins is in fifth place with 3,386 votes.

Surrency, Pearson and Wells-Huggins were bracketed on the ballot with Democratic congressional candidate Amy Kennedy.

Kennedy won Cumberland County by about 25 points.

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