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New Jersey has more than 1 million more Democrats than Republicans. Photo courtesy of Ohio State University.

Dems outpace GOP on new voters by 2-1 rate since primary

By David Wildstein, September 03 2020 1:48 pm

New Jersey now has 1,067,176 more Democrats than Republicans and 176,840 more Democrats than unaffiliated voters, according to statewide voter registration numbers released today by the Division of Elections.

Since the day before the July 7 primary election, New Jersey has added 61,651 Democrats and 25,960 Republicans.  The state now has 37,329 less unaffiliateds – sometimes referred to as independents.

The most recent voter registration numbers show some gains for Democrats in key congressional races since the primary:

* NJ-2:   4,899 more Democrats, 4,004 more Republicans
* NJ-3:   3,475 more Democrats, 2,640 more Republicans
* NJ-5:   2,467 more Democrats, 2,864 more Republicans
* NJ-7:   6,783 more Democrats, 2,790 more Republicans
* NJ-11: 8,032 more Democrats, 2,287 more Republicans

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