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Deadline to switch parties for July primary is today

New Jersey awaits decision of in-person or VBM primary

By David Wildstein, May 13 2020 9:19 am

Today is the last day for New Jersey voters to change their party affiliation in time to vote in the July 7 Democratic or Republican primary elections.

That means if you are a Democrat who suddenly wants to vote for Donald Trump, or a Republican who prefers Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, a decision must be made today – accompanied by the proper documentation.

There is a way to preserve your options, if you’re still mulling a partisan identity: Democrats and Republicans may specifically declare themselves as unaffiliateds and punt a decision to join a party until the day of the primary election.

Voters can print a Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form and mail it to their county Commissioner of Registration or hand deliver it to the municipal clerk.

New Jerseyans who are already on the rolls as unaffiliated are not required to declare their affiliation.  They can either remain without a party affiliation, or join a party by casting a primary election ballot.

New Jersey also permits voters to specifically register as members of several independent political parties: Libertarian Party, Green Party, Natural Law Party, Reform Party, Conservative Party, U.S. Constitution Party, and Socialist Party.  Members of those parties – there are 78,672 New Jerseyans who have formally joined one of the other seven – may not participate in either major party primary.

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