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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, left, with his State Treasurer, Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff. (Photo: Office of the Governor).

Christie’s state treasurer endorses Biden

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff says GOP can rebrand as a center-right coalition after Trump loses

By David Wildstein, August 25 2020 12:24 pm

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, who served as Gov. Chris Christie’s state treasurer for five years, has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president.

“Instead of switching registration, or giving up on politics altogether, I invite my Republican friends to look forward to November 4, when we can begin the hard work of rebuilding our great party into a responsible center-right coalition of competence that can once again earn the trust of American voters,” Sidamon-Eristoff said.

Sidamon-Eristoff is the second Christie ally to endorse Biden this week.  Former Rep. Dick Zimmer (R-Delaware Township) was part of a group of 27 former U.S. Senators and House members who announced their support of the Biden-Harris ticket on Monday.

Christie appointed Sidamon-Eristoff as his state treasurer in 2010.  He had previously served as a Republican on the New York City Council, a Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Commissioner of Finance, and as Commissioner of the New York Department of Taxation and Finance under Gov. George Pataki.

His father, Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff held a mid-level post in the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

After initially supporting Christie for president in 2016, Sidamon-Eristoff led the New Jersey presidential campaign of Libertarian Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico.

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