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Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul Juliano, left, and Craig Cuy, a candidate for Hudson County Executive. (Photo: Ray Ferraioli).

Campaign News Briefs

By David Wildstein, February 28 2023 5:34 pm

District 26: State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio said his Republican primary opponent, Morris County Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo,  “is nothing more than a schoolyard bully who is trying to harass and intimidate those who stand in the way of his attempts to climb the political ladder” and pointed to a referral of by the other commissioners of an ethics complaint that alleged he harassed a county employee.  “Based on his pattern of erratic behavior, it is clear that Tom Mastrangelo is unfit for office,” Pennacchio said.  “If and when the ethics charges are found to be true, not only should Tom Mastrangelo end his third campaign in the last three years, but he should also immediately resign from office.”

District 24: Lafayette school board president Josh Aikens and Warren County Commissioner Jason Sarnoski smacked their opponent for the Republican nomination for State Assembly, Chester Mayor Mike Inganamort, for “wiping his website to hide the services he provides to his clients” and claimed it was an “inarguable fact that Mike should own up to. Whether or not he decides to do so, we will make it a priority to present the facts to the residents of the 24th legislative district.”  Inganamort’s running mate, Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia, called out Aikens and Sarnoski for saying she voted for a gas tax while serving as a Franklin Borough Councilwoman.   “I’m a true conservative with the courage of my convictions and someone who stands by my friends like Senator Oroho instead of hugging him when it’s good for you and turning on him later,” she said.

Hudson County: Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul Juliano hosted a fundraiser on Monday evening for Craig Guy, the front-runner for Hudson County Executive.

Morris County:
Parsippany Mayor James Barberio has endorsed Tayfun Selen for re-election as a Morris County commissioner.  “Tayfun has been a great advocate for Parsippany property taxpayers and just last week introduced the fourth straight county budget that he’s been a part of without a tax increase,” Barberio said.  “That is conservative leadership in action.”

Hoboken: Liz Urtecho, the founder of Hoboken for Responsible Cannabis, will seek a city council seat in the November non-partisan municipal election against incumbent Phil Cohen.  “Many of my 5th Ward neighbors have approached me desperate for new leadership who will listen and better address their concerns about issues such as increased development, pedestrian safety, the need to invest in our schools, and rising taxes,” Urtecho said.  “It’s been with their overwhelming support that I have decided to run for City Council.”

Red Bank: Council President Michael Ballard slammed Mayor Bill Portman for his planned veto of an ordinance that allows short-term rentals in commercial and mix-use areas but not in residential zones, revealing a gotcha moment: Portman is the first mayor “in over 40 years, veto a properly adopted borough ordinance.”  Last year, Portman ran an off-the-line campaign and defeated Ballard in the Democratic primary;  this year, under a new non-partisan form of government, Ballard and Portman are expected to run on competing slates.

Cherry Hill:  Nicole Nance has entered the race for the Republican nomination for mayor of Cherry Hill.  She lost a township council race in 2021 and a bid for Camden County GOP chairman last year.

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