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State Sen. Jon M. Bramnick at the State of the State address before a joint session of the New Jersey Legislature on January 10, 2023. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Bramnick: Lonegan says tear down Republican Party

By Senator Jon Bramnick, March 28 2023 3:48 pm


Steve Lonegan, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor and Senate, attacks the Republican Party for his own failures.  The former Bogota Mayor then attacks my legislation (S3330) that requires a few hours of grief education to be taught in high school health classes.

I assume Mr. Lonegan believes that we lost to Murphy, Biden, and Menendez because Republicans are not conservative enough for New Jersey voters. I do not think most New Jerseyans or Republicans believe that theory.

In order to win statewide or in swing districts, we must be trusted as a political party by unaffiliated and moderate democrats. We cannot be branded as the “Trump” party or deny the existence of the Jan 6 riot at the Capitol. We cannot deny the results of elections where 60 federal courts made 60 independent decisions rejecting the cases that claimed widespread voter fraud.

In addition, Mr. Lonegan did not understand why hundreds of Republicans did not rush to his side when he testified against my grief education bill. (S3330). Another miscalculation by him. The proposed law shows empathy and concern for others and their grief.  The limited few hours of instruction simply explain what other students might be going thru if they lost a parent or sibling. I have received widespread support for the legislation from both sides of the aisle.

Steve Lonegan has lost over and over again because he has not been and should never be the voice of the New Jersey Republican Party.

Jon Bramnick is a state senator from the 21st district.

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