The Week of Murphy’s Poll Numbers

Winner Losers PAUL SARLO PHIL MURPHY The Bergen County senator gets his pick for prosecutor, Mark Musella. The Governor's most recent poll numbers: not good. ALBIO SIRES JOE HOWARTH The 8th district congressman gets a seat on the House Budget Committee. The two-term assemblyman loses the support of the Burlington and Camden GOP organizations.  LISA MANDELBLATT & STACEY GUNDERMAN DEREK ARMSTEAD The two Democrats emerge as front runners for a

The Week of Peter Verniero’s Return

Winner Losers TOM PIETRYKOSKI SAM DAVIS The veteran New Jersey spokesman becomes the new communications director for Cory Booker's presidential campaign in Iowa. The George Washington impersonator blames losing re-election as a Chesterfield township committeeman on all the Indian people in town. BOB MENENDEZ DAVE SOMMERS The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee closes the book on the case involving New Jersey's senior U.S. Senator, essentially ratifying what the voters did three

The Week Addiego Flipped

Winner Losers STEVE SWEENEY & GEORGE NORCROSS STEVE FULOP Huge win for South Jersey Democrats who flipped Republican Dawn Addiego to increase Democratic Senate majority to 26-14.   The Jersey City mayor tells people Jim McGreevey was fired for misappropriations of funds, but that's debunked by ex-Governor's very public dinner with the U.S. Attorney. MIKIE SHERRILL JOE HOWARTH The freshman congresswoman named to chair a House Science & Technology Committee subcommittee.

The Week Helmy got the job

Winner Losers GEORGE HELMY ANDREW CAREY Cory Booker's state director is the new chief of staff to Gov. Phil Murphy. The Middlesex County Prosecutor might be trying so hard to keep his job that it will be impossible for him to keep his job. KRISTIN CORRADO GANNETT The Passaic County state senator continues to step up her game during the probe into the hiring of Al Alvarez. The national newspaper

The Week of the Minimum Wage Hike

Winners Losers MIKIE SHERRILL, TOM MALINOWSKI & ANDY KIM GANNETT NEW JERSEY The freshman Democratic House members secure influential committee assignments for their districts: Sherrill and Kim on Armed Services, and Malinowski on Transportation & Infrastructure. Reporters, columnists and editors fear for their jobs as a company known for slashing editorial budgets mounts a takeover bid of the company that owns 8 daily newspapers in New Jersey. BOB ANDRZEJCZAK RON

The Year of the Ground Game — and the Money

Special Edition: 2018 General Election The Year of the Ground Game --- and the money (Editor’s Note: The names are listed randomly, so don't read too much into it.  For the most part, candidates who won an election are not listed as winners and those who were unsuccessful are not among the losers — that kind of list would demonstrate a severe lack of creativity.  Instead, this list is about

The Week of a Courageous Woman

Winner Losers KATIE BRENNAN PHIL MURPHY Courageous. It's been a rough week for the governor after the much-anticipated Wall Street Journal story about Al Alvarez.  While in Germany on a trade mission, the Legislature announces that they will launch their own investigation.   JAY WEBBER BOB HUGIN The assemblyman and GOP congressional candidate is adding to his campaign coffers with a high-dollar fundraiser headlined by Donald Trump that comes a week

The Week the Shit Hit The Fan

Winner Losers CORY BOOKER PHIL MURPHY The United States Senator from New Jersey spends several days in Iowa and wows Democrats at a state party dinner -- a good way to possibly start a campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.  The Governor is in the middle of a growing bad story over allegations that a former campaign staffer and administration official was involved in allegedly criminal sexual misconduct.  NICK

The Week Stockton Got Beaten Up

Winner Losers LORETTA WEINBERG TAHESHA WAY The Senate Majority Leader demonstrates courage and leadership by telling the story of being sexually assaulted 70 years ago.   The Secretary of State, "Tahesha In Way Over Her Head" continues to face harsh criticism. so far only in private, from Democrats and Republicans for her handling -- or not handling -- of the special election for Bergen County Sheriff. MIKIE SHERRILL REPUBLICANS The Democratic congressional

The Week Leonard ‘tends not to believe’

  Winner Losers TONY BUCCO TAHESHA WAY The longtime Republican State Senator gets a pass after the Legislature's new sexual harassment policy excludes any retroactive transparency, which means his 2004 settlement after being a sued by an aide who he fired after having an affair with her remains a secret. The Secretary of State may become known as "Tahesha In Way Over Her Head" after struggling to figure out what