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The O’Toole Chronicles: Make It Count

By Kevin O'Toole, August 17 2021 12:01 am

It is during challenging times like these that we should stop and take stock of our lives. After dealing with the ongoing pandemic, and while trying to right this ship of ours, I find that many of my colleagues are thinking differently about the future now than they were before the virus hit.

Let me give you some context. A close friend called me last week and sadly told me about a friend of more than fifty years who died of a massive heart attack—widow maker was the word my friend Joey used to describe the sudden cause of death of his close friend.

Joey is an accomplished and very successful nationally recognized entrepreneur. He a is few years older than me, and we talk often in the early morning about current events, politics, pop culture, and whatever is buzzing about the headlines.  Joey is deeply cerebral and philosophical, and he has an enormous dedication to social and charitable causes. But, on this day, he was taking inventory of his life and those of his loved ones.

The recent death of his friend shook him. It moved him to rethink priorities and think about each day of life here and after. That is a good lesson for us all.

Joey’s idea was to pay more attention to loved ones, grab some quality down time, go out of his way to see family and friends, and make each day count.

It seems to me that too many of us are caught up in the agenda of the day, and we often find ourselves cramming in more meetings and spending less time with those who matter to us the most. Political beings, in particular, suffer from this life imbalance, and now is the time for some of them to hit the reset button.

If we fail to achieve a healthy life balance, and if we shuffle off this mortal coil too soon, is that how we really want to be remembered? I don’t think so, and I bet that you don’t think so either.

There is a sliver of summer left.  Make the most of it. Change plans. Take some time off to reawaken past relationships and remember the truly important things in life.

And let’s all thank Joey for the gentle reminder.

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