Garrett lands gig at SEC

This story is truly unreal: from the Wall Street Journal, via POLITICO New Jersey' s Matt Friedman: Former Rep. Scott Garrett, who spent decades espousing the virtues of small government with less regulation, has taken a job as a staffer to the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).   Last year, a U.S. Senate committee refused to advance President Trump's nomination of Garrett as the head of the Import-Export

Controversial rapper at Murphy inaugural

Phil and Tammy Murphy founded and funded 2nd Floor, a confidential and anonymous helpline for kids and young adults in New Jersey -- an organization that appears to have made a significant impact on peoples lives.  That’s why it was surprising to learn from Matt Friedman in Politico Playbook this morning that Busta Rhymes, a rapper with a “history of assault charges” will perform at Murphy’s inaugural concert Sunday at