Wave year elections in New Jersey

Two modern era wave elections happened so long ago that a comparison to New Jersey in 2018 is apples and oranges.  But both are examples of highly-charged mid-term elections that allowed Democrats in the wake of the Watergate scandal to pick up 49 House seats in 1974, and Republicans to gain 54 seats in the Republican Revolution that became a national referendum on President Clinton’s health care reform. Republicans picked

NJ Women in Congress: just 6 of 310

New Jersey has elected 304 men and six women to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.  So you don’t have to reach for a calculator, that’s 98% men, 2% women.   If you start the clock in 1922 -- the first election a woman was eligible to run in New Jersey – it’s 108 men and six women (95%-5%). The current New Jersey delegation is eleven men and one woman: