New Jerseys 20 Living ex-Congressmen

Rush Holt is 70 today, the 11th oldest of the nineteen living former Congressmen from New Jersey. The oldest is Cornelius Gallagher, who celebrated his 97th birthday last March.  The Bayonne Democrat was first elected to Congress in 1958, making him the only living New Jerseyan to have served in the House while Dwight Eisenhower was still president.  Gallagher lost his bid for an eighth term in the 1972 primary.

Wave year elections in New Jersey

Two modern era wave elections happened so long ago that a comparison to New Jersey in 2018 is apples and oranges.  But both are examples of highly-charged mid-term elections that allowed Democrats in the wake of the Watergate scandal to pick up 49 House seats in 1974, and Republicans to gain 54 seats in the Republican Revolution that became a national referendum on President Clinton’s health care reform. Republicans picked

If Van Drew wins, here’s what comes next

If Jeff Van Drew is successful in his bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this fall, it will set up a series of moves for the legislature next year.  Republicans may see greater opportunities in the State Senate and Assembly seats, especially with the absence of a logical heir apparent to retiring twelve-term Rep. Frank LoBiondo. Van Drew would need to resign for the State Senate

NJ Open House Seats rarely flip parties

If Jeff Van Drew wins Frank LoBiondo’s seat in Congress, it will be just the sixth time since World War II that an open New Jersey House seat was won by the other party. Two of those were in 1948, when Republicans Fred Hartley (of Taft-Hartley fame) and Frank Matthews retired.  Their seats were won by Democrats Peter Rodino, whose 40 years in Congress included national fame as Chairman of

Grenier pays for poking the bear

There is already speculation that Salem County Republicans will seek new leadership after a disastrous 2017 for their chairman, Fran Grenier. Grenier won just 41% against Senate President Steve Sweeney in an $18.7 million contest that may be the most expensive state legislative race in American history. Republican Freeholder Bob Vanderslice lost by seven points, leaving the GOP a narrow 3-2 control of county government. But five days before Christmas,